Britax Marathon G4 vs CT

Compare on 16 Aug , 2014

If you’re wondering about what are the differences between Britax Marathon G4 and ClickTight (CT), other than new installation system here’s your answer, compare and find out which is best for you!

Unlike Marathon G4, with the new Britax Marathon Click Tight model (Click to See it on Amazon), you are able to install and make it ready to travel with a few easy steps with the use of your vehicle seat belt and always get a very tight installation very easily.

The height limit of ClickTight increased by an inch and the external width remained same as previous G4 model. The last change is the Marathon CT comes with an automatic level indicator for finding the best installation angle for your vehicle easily.


After inspecting the features we see that the Britax Marathon ClickTight is not changed very much, in fact it is be very similar to the Britax Marathon G4 except the new installation system. The height limit  only increase by an inch (49″ to 50″), the top harness height remains same at 17.7″. Weight limits also remained unchanged, 5-40 pounds for rear-facing and 20-65 pounds for forward-facing. In short, the main difference is the ClickTight system and the easy and safe installation it brings.


Britax Marathon G4 vs CT

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