Britax Marathon G4 vs Britax Advocate G4

Compare on 14 Aug , 2014

Can’t you figure out the differences between Marathon G4 versus Advocate G4?  Here are all the things to know about these latest model of car seat from Britax.

Britax Marathon G4 have all of the features that Advocate has, and their weight limits are identical which is 65 lbs (it was 70 lbs. for the G3 models). but the Advocate G4 has updated, somehow better version of  true side impact protection, it has the new Click and Safe indicator feature and comes with Super thick chest pads.

Britax Advocate G4
The  Britax has added new features to the previous convertibles Boulevard, Pavilion, Marathon, and Advocate. The Britax Advocate G4 has new features that make the best convertible in the market. The shape and the shell remain similar to its predecessor G3 model and will fit well in the rear space. However, the new model is easy to install and use when compared to the previous versions.

Britax has dropped the upper weight limit to 65 lbs. and the product is referred by version  G4 now, the safety features in the new model are enhanced to ensure extra safety. The new Britax G 4 features new exclusive side impact cushion technology that protects your child from injury in case of an accident or a swerve. The harness strap overs, EZ buckle, and rubber chest pads are all availed upon purchase and the product provides ultimate safety and security to your child.

Britax Marathon G4

Britax Marathon G4 also comes with the Safecell technology features. This enables the seat to compress comfortably in case of car crash. This means it is able to lower the center of the gravity and counteract the forward rotation of a child seat and this helps to propel the child toward the front seat while seated.

The seat has also a different (old) version of then the Advocate’s side impact protection. It is comprised of a yawning side walls which are lined with the energy-absorbing EPP foam which helps distributes crash forces. The foam protection helps in shielding the vehicle from the intrusion as it contains head, neck and the body.

The Britax Marathon G4 is different from the Britax Marathon G3 as it is fitted with a Harness ultra-guard system (HUGS) which gives a resistance to forward movement in case of an accident or a car crash.


Britax Marathon G4 vs Britax Advocate G4