Britax Boulevard G4 vs Britax Pavilion G4

Compare on 14 Aug , 2014

Compare the Britax Boulevard G4 vs Britax Pavilion G4 in our detailed side by side comparison.

Quick Fact:

The pavilion has Click&Safe feature, Boulevard does not have this feature. Both have a maximum weight limit of 65 lbs.

Britax Boulevard-G4 versus Pavilion

Britax Boulevard G4 
The Britax Boulevard G4 car seat is a convertible car seat manufactured by Britax which is one of the most dependable and safest car seat models today. They are appealing to the eye and quite stylish making them a very popular choice. The G3 and G4 models are related, with the G4 designed after the G3 and it can be considered as an upgrade from its G3 predecessor. Here follows a breakdown of the two models to give you and indication of the changes made by Britax.

Britax Boulevard G4 vs G3

  • The weight limit has decreased from the 70-pound weight limit in the G3 to a 65 weight limit in the G4.
  • Babies up to 22lbs will now have an infant insert which has been designed for the G4 series.
  • The G3 is less expensive at this time than the G4.
  • The G4 is slightly more spacious than the G3 and has a more streamlined design with material that is easier to clean.
  • There are color-coded labels on the G4 models which mean that each type has a specific color.
  • The HUGS design has been updated and is now more difficult for kids to push down, which makes it safer.

Overall there are a few improvements made, but it is important changes that makes the G4 a bit safer for your little ones.


Britax Boulevard G4 vs Britax Pavilion G4